Townsend Barn recognises how important it is for you, as parents, to feel confident and comfortable in entrusting us with the care of your child. We offer an open door policy where you can discuss any aspects of our schooling with the manager or another member of staff.


When your child starts at the Nursery, he or she will be allocated a key person who will act as a ‘special person’ for your child. They will also work closely with you, the parents, to put a care plan in place and they will provide daily feedback about your child.

Townsend Barn Nursery has 4 rooms:
Barn Owls - 2½ - 5 years

Butterflies - Walkers – 2½ years

Caterpillars -  Mobile babies

Hedgehogs - Non-mobile babies

Sleep Room

Townsend Barn Nursery considers outdoor play paramount to the health, development and education of children. 
The Nursery is set in beautiful grounds with several different gardens and plenty of exciting places in which to play and explore. In the immediate school area there is a greenhouse and a vegetable planting patch where children will be encouraged to ‘grow their own’. Elsewhere in the grounds there is a Nature Garden with pond and waterfall, a formal vegetable garden and open lawns for summer games. 
We also have extra weekly activities from outside providers in the form of PE sessions and Woodland adventures. 
We have a tennis court where children can learn to play tennis and other ball games. There are also planned activities such as field trips and local walks. Immediately adjacent to the schoolrooms, there is a playground where children can choose to play outdoors, use the covered sandpit, or in inclement conditions continue their activities under the all-weather shelter!


We have a duty of cate to keep all children safe and supported while in our care. Our experienced staff work within a wide range of outside professional agencies so we can access any additional support to meet individual needs.
Children are encouraged to wear a Townsend Barn Nursery polo top. There is a TBN nursery cap and TBN fleece jacket also available to order. 

We have a 5 Star rating From Wiltshire Council for Food Hygiene. All meals are prepared in our on-site kitchen using only fresh ingredients and home cooked food. The menu is specially designed to be nutritional, well balanced and meet any special dietary requirements within reason, including weaning.