Parent Information

  • Please remember to label all clothes and personal belongings

  • Make sure your children have a pair of wellies in nursery for walks

  • All invoice payments are due in full payment by the 15th of the month - late charges apply

  • Please remember charges apply for late pick ups and early drop offs

  • If your child's dietary needs change in any way, please inform us ASAP - 

  • A Termly charge of £10.00 applies for all staff skill-sets and training

  • Holiday discount applies only to children doing over 25 hours a week

  • 1 month's written notice is required if you choose to reduce your child’s hours

  • 1 month's written notice is required if you wish to terminate your child’s place at TBN

  • If your child has vomited or had diarrhoea, please remember the 48 hour rule!

  • If your child has been prescribed antibiotics, please do not send them to nursery for 24 hours

  • Children are encouraged to wear uniform. Order forms are available from the office for:

    Light blue aertex polo tops
    Dark blue zip up fleece
    Light blue summer caps


  • TBN Local SEND offer - click to download