Healthy Eating is paramount at Townsend Barn Nursery. Not only is it about which foods are placed on the plate - it is also an important happy social time where skills can be developed and new foods explored.


The children help grow their own seasonable vegetables.

If you are able to provide a letter or certificate from your doctor or dietician, we can take into consideration special dietary needs.
Weaning is supported.


Breakfast is available from 8am - 8.30am, which comprises of toast,

cereal and fruit.

A mid morning fruit / warm snack is served at 10am

A hot lunch is served at 12 noon, with a pudding to follow

Afternoon snack is served at 2pm, consisting of fruit and crackers

Afternoon tea is served at 4.10pm


The cost for all meals per day is £5.25

The cost for meals for a half day is £3.75

If your child is funded - all meals are included in our consumables charge


Click the links below to download a sample menu.